Police officers in Bromyard have seized a vehicle for road traffic offences after an incident in Bromyard.

A spokesperson for West Mercia Police said:

“Yesterday afternoon (26/09/2023) we spotted a suspicious vehicle driving around Bromyard.

“One of our dog units spotted it a short while later in between Bringsty and Bromyard, it appeared to have false registration plates attached.

“The driver and the passenger didn’t hang around to speak with the officer and unfortunately they made their escape on foot, however the vehicle was subsequently seized for road traffic offences and the investigation will be ongoing.

“Not long after this whilst patrolling Bromyard Town Centre we noticed a vehicle that we knew to be uninsured, the driver tried to be sneaky and hide on someone’s driveway whilst we turned around however we’ve seen this trick before and it doesn’t work! 

“The driver was reported for driving without insurance and without a driving licence, he can expect fines of at least £400 and a minimum of 9 penalty points.”