The Environment Agency is warning that significant flooding is possible in parts of Herefordshire and Wales next week, with heavy rain expected to affect many parts on Monday and Tuesday.

The Met Office has also issued a weather warning for Monday to Wednesday for parts of Wales and Western England.

A broad area of rainfall will arrive across this region later on Monday and remain across the area for the following 36-48 hours. Rainfall will be heaviest and most persistent across western facing hills. Over the course of this time, 30-60 mm of rainfall is expected to fall widely across the warning area, with the potential for up to 150-200 mm across the regions most exposed hills (most likely across northwest Wales, and northwest England). Across the higher Pennine Hills, there will likely still be significant snowfall laying on Monday. Much of this will melt during this event and may add an additional 5-10 mm quite widely, and as much as 20-30 mm across the highest snow-covered hills. Strong winds will also accompany the rainfall and may add to travelling difficulties across areas higher and more exposed routes.