West Mercia Police have issued an appeal after a number of garden ornaments were stolen from gardens in a number of villages in Herefordshire.

A spokesperson for West Mercia Police said:

“In the last few weeks, in the BRAMPTON BRYAN, WIGMORE-LEINTWARDINE area of HEREFORDSHIRE residents have reported that a number of garden ornaments have gone missing from their gardens. Some of the ornaments have not easily been on show and have been located in the back gardens of the premises and have also been fixed to the floor. Even so these items have been successful stolen.

“Please see the attached document that has pictures of the items that have recently been taken. These items are rather unique, heavy in weight and are of great sentimental value to their owners.

“Inquiries are still ongoing but at this time, locating these items has not been successful.  If you know of the whereabouts of these items, have information that may assist the police to locate them or identify the suspects or have been offered to buy these items, please contact police on 101 or email leominster.snt@westmercia.police.uk.

“The Officer dealing is PC 2673 STOBBART of Leominster Safer Neighourhood Team.

“In addition residents have also reported in these areas a suspicious blue saloon vehicle, sporty looking in its appearance. Occupants of the vehicle have been male and appear to be lost or paying attention to properties near to their location. Again any concerns of such behaviour or nature, please call police on 101 so that the matter can be looked into and inquiries made.”