Both Jesse Norman (MP for Hereford & Herefordshire South) and Bill Wiggin (MP for Herefordshire North) have voted against an amendment to the agricultural bill.

Both MPs rejected the latest attempt to require imported food to meet domestic legal standards from 1st January.

Campaigners have warned the UK could be forced to accept lower standards to secure a future US trade deal.

The government has defended the bill by saying that EU rules banning imports of chlorine-washed chicken and other products will be automatically written into UK law once the post-Brexit transition period ends on 31st December.

NFU president Minette Batters said in a statement sent to the i newspaper:

“Once again the Commons has debated the Agriculture Bill without any binding commitments on how to safeguard our farmers’ high standards of animal welfare and environmental protection in our trade policy.

‚ÄúThe future of British food and farming is at stake. Without proper safeguards on future trade deals we risk seeing an increase in food imports that have been produced to standards that would be illegal here. 

‚ÄúI hope the Agriculture Bill returning to the House of Lords gives a new opportunity for the Lords to put forward an amendment that will give the Commission more teeth and enable MPs to have their say; one that can be heard by the House of Commons, with a final vote to see those safeguards put in place.‚ÄĚ