It’s been another busy month for the ‘Hereford Community Clean Up Group’ Volunteers. During April they’ve collected 430 bags and spent 277.5 volunteers hours. With the relaxing of lockdown and the nicer weather, we were bracing ourselves for the increase in litter. Fortunately, we have seen a small increase in particular with masks, take away packaging, coffee cups, cans and plastic bottles it has not been to drastic and is good to see.

Although in some areas of the city, we are continuing to see disrespect for the environment/wildlife and fellow humans by certain individuals and groups who on a daily basis gather in Saxon Gate (Hard court), Beaumont park by the Courtyard, Skatepark Holmer, Basketball court Newton Farm, Westfailing street skatepark, retail and play area car parks leaving these areas in a constant mess with litter, broken glass, graffiti, damage to HC property and amenities. It’s just not acceptable and this needs to stop, they are handful of people that are spoiling the facilities for everyone else.

It’s also been a busy month promoting a couple of campaigns that we wanted to get rolling, with the help from ‘BBC Hereford and Worcester’ we managed to launch our ‘Proud to Pick’ campaign #proudtopick . We would like people to film themselves doing a litter pick, post their film then nominate 5 more people to do the same. More information on our Facebook page.  

‘Earth Day’ was a very successful day with a collaborated effort with other groups around Herefordshire, which took place on the 22nd April. We had a fantastic turnout of volunteers, who spent the day litter picking areas around Herefordshire and it’s truly overwhelming by the dedication and efforts of our amazing volunteers that pulled out all the stops to tidy Herefordshire. I expect people have noticed the purple bags all over the place, this is litter that had been collected by volunteers.

We also launched our group mascot ‘Duncan the Can’ , he can be very naughty and mischievous, so please look out for him on our events and give him a wave. 

Please remember if you see a volunteer womble then please give them an appreciative toot and wave, it keeps our spirits high and means a lot to us we always appreciate a thank you.

If you are interested in making a difference and want to LOVE WHERE YOU LIVE then please join our group.