What a night for Bromyard ABC, The event was a formal dinner show which looked fantastic with the layout and sound/lighting and smoke machines creating a explosive evening! A show which consisted of twenty four boxers, eight of which were boxing for their home town Bromyard. The clubs boxers excelled them selves to the highest level showing skill, professionalism, courage and turning out with four wins and a split decision that could have gone either way.

The club also included three boxers entered for skills bouts giving them a taster and building confidence as they aim for their first amateur bouts in the future, they showed very bright potential.

The show has been a long time coming and was first put into motion before the first lockdown back in march 2020. News came to the boxers that they would be boxing in the clubs very own dinner show which was great and gave the boxers and the club something amazing to look forward to … then Covid 19 struck and plans were annoyingly put on hold for how long though no one could tell. With all of this in mind it didn’t deter the boxers or the coaching team and week in week out they put videos up on the whats app page and facebook to keep each other inspired, for some of them they were waiting for their very first bouts and amateur bout so the show when it eventually came almost two years later was a long time coming and well worth every second of training.

On the evening of Saturday the 4th of December held at ‘The club house Bromyard’ Saltmarshe castle park, just outside Bromyard which was made possible by the clubs events organiser Stacey Haycock, Head coach Neil Haycock, and team, Matt Seabright and Nick Gibbons.

The atmosphere was electric and energetic with a sold out crowd yearning for the excitement of the clubs first ever dinner show and a chance with a chance to come together for some the first time since early 2020.

All of the boxers on the card have started their journey from the very beginning with the club so there was plenty of excitement to be had as they showed pure talent , skill and dedication using the knowledge passed down from their coaches it really did shine through putting Bromyard on the map for their England Boxing affiliated club.

Three other local clubs attended the show including Leominster Police Boxing Academy, Hereford Boxing Academy Lads Club and City of Hereford Boxing Academy. Other clubs that made the journey were Hall Green Boxing club, Black Country Boxing, Tamworth, Triumph Boxing, Rotunda Boxing, Cwingors Police Boxing, Shrewsbury Boxing, Wellington Boxing Academy and Hutton Abbey. Hereford Lads Club had two wins from Tom Beech and Charlie Waybourne.

First up were the skills bouts and Bromyard’s very own Libby Haycock 11 in her debut skills bout against Tamworths Millie Gibson. The two boxers showed great skill expressing what they have learned in the ring and on the stage in front of the big crowed the well supported Libby showed a glimpse of what is to come her bright boxing future, a great performance.

Second out for Bromyard was Jack Hartwright against Triumph Boxings William Dobbins. Jack has been working extremely hard for this attending to training every week and also training at home, he’s been a busy lad cramming it in with all his Duke of Edinburgh award efforts. The hard work absolutely paid off as he showed what a skilled and intelligent boxerr he has become over the past couple of years.

Aleks Striunga came out next against Cwigors, Llewelyn Spurway in what will be his final skills bout, he not only showed that he has the great skill of any young boxer he showed that his power has increased immensely over the past couple of years indicating that skills bouts are a thing of the past for him and he’s more than ready for his first amateur bout. Good times ahead for Aleks!

Ledbury’s Tyler-Lee Reeks has been boxing for the club for a few years now has gone through the ranks of skills entered in to his first amateur boxing bout in which he didn’t disappoint with great finishing with the win with a stoppage. He went toe to toe with his opponent Louis McGrath-Webb from Leominster. The pair were very evenly match and the bout became explosive with boxers seeing bloody noses. Tyler-Lee finally got the upper hand with another hard blow to Mcgrath -Webbs nose and got the stoppage.

Next out of the stable was Bromyard’s Jed Weaver in his first long awaited amateur bout against Shrewsbury’s Kian Watkins. Jed came out with all guns blazing showing pure skill, determination, fitness and ultimately stopping his opponent in the third round and bring home the win for the club. Jed’s boxing was that impressive he also gained the Boxer of the evening award. Impressive stuff.

Sam Muirhead of Bromyard was up next in his third amateur bout against Wellington Boxing academy’s Marius Chitoiu. Both boxers went at each other exchanging clinical blows. The bout went the distance and was looking like a close one Muirhead pulled out all of the stops coming away with his third victory.

A very well supported Louie Simon was up next with the backing of a rip roaring rowdy crowed, the atmosphere was immense. He showed his opponent Luke Kelly of Hulton Abbey, he was there for business. This was also Simons first bout and he showed with his gripping talent and showmanship that he was not going to outclassed ending on top with a very decisive win. The room was ecstatic with Louie being mobbed by a very pleased crowed on his exit from the ring.

Finally Bromyard’s final bout of the evening took place with Bromyard ABC’s Alex Stockwell versus City of Hereford Boxing Academy’s Luke Powell. The pair have sparred before in training so no one knew what the out come might be. In the bout the two boxers were toe to toe all of the way both showing that they were very worthy opponents, ultimately Luke Powell won with a split decision for the judges. The rematch if there is one should be a great bit of entertainment. Well done Luke and a very well done and thank you to all of the coaches and boxers that made this show happen, it was a night to remember that will be talked about for a long time.

All who attended the sold out show and the officials were very impressed by Bromyard’s first show, bromyard are really making great achievement from a small market town and has been developing at a fast rate and hitting the floor running. Fantastic night …watch this space for the next big event and our boxers next step.

Bromyard amateur boxing opening times

Are Tuesday to Friday mixed group 7-8:30 sessions

With the squad extra training on Wednesday and Sundays with the full use of their gym 24/7.

Unit 10 Linton trading estate



Hr7 4qt

During lockdown bromyard abc expanded the unit slightly to have great gym equipment for the boxers so they can work on strength and conditioning , stamina and keeping fight ready . next step for the gym is to upgrade the ring so they can keep offering other clubs over for technique sparring from all around and getting the boxers out there. All the hard work from bromyard abc team is paying off.

*Photos supplied by Cliff Williams