In a stunning display of strength and determination, Aaron Rees, a teacher from the Royal National College for the Blind (RNC), originally from Swansea, has secured the coveted title of Britain’s Strongest Disabled Man 2023.

He emerged victorious after claiming second place at England’s Strongest Man earlier this year.

Aaron is Teacher in Charge of Sport and Recreation at RNC and has worked at its Hereford Campus for 16 years.

Despite facing the challenges of Retinitis Pigmentosa, Aaron has proved that visual impairment doesn’t hold him back with a successful career in teaching and now winner of a national competition, all just as he turned 40 years of age.

Aaron has shown that strength has no boundaries.

The competition, held in Chard, Somerset, featured a series of challenging events that tested the participants’ physical prowess:

55kg Monster Dumbbell (floor to overhead reps in 1 minute)

400kg Sled Pull

300kg Yoke

Max Axle (floor to overhead)

Atlas Stones (90kg, 110kg, 130kg, 150kg)

The panel of judges included Matt Dimond, Wales’ Strongest Man and Magnús Ver Magnússon, four-time World’s Strongest Man, ensuring a fair and competitive environment throughout the event.

Aaron showcased exceptional strength and resilience to secure victory and was privileged to pick up the trophy from the Icelandic legend Magnús Ver Magnússon.

Aaron said:

“I was so pleased that the hard work paid off, I was very disciplined leading up to the competition and after coming second in the England’s Strongest competition I put a specific plan in place on how to improve on my weaknesses.

“The competition was gruelling and was even more difficult due to being unwell and the event weights being higher than previous competitions. However I persevered and still managed to win.

“It was great to share this news with my students and show them what can be achieved from being disciplined and putting in hard work.

“I have now qualified for the Magnus Adaptive Games 2024 along with the World’s Strongest Adaptive Games 2024, so I’m going to have to up my performance to achieve the highest level possible in the sport of adaptive Strongman.”

Looking ahead, and aside from the Adaptive Games, Aaron aims to conquer new heights by participating in the World’s Strongest Disabled Man and the Arnold UK Classic in 2024.