Hereford City Council has objected to Herefordshire Council’s plans to develop a Transport Hub at Station Approach, next to Hereford Railway Station.

In response to the plans, Hereford City Council said:

“We note the objection from a member of the public concerning the public notice plans and suggest that the attached drawings are not clear enough to warrant full consideration of all matters. 

“In particular, the railway station itself is a listed building and the development is within a conservation area but is being dealt with by a single planning application. 

“The Council is obliged to consider how new developments enhance the appearance of a conservation area and the aspect of listed buildings and this does not appear to have been given consideration.

“Members feel four bus bays is not sufficient as it is not future proofing for a modal shift and is not encouraging sustainable transport. 

“This undermines the Council’s published policies regarding the development of public transport and its legal obligations to seek to ameliorate the climate emergency. 

“They would like clarification on whether there are electric charging facilities at these bays to plan for when bus companies replace their diesel buses with electric buses.

“From the earliest informal consultation meetings, independent consultants including Professor Les Lumsden of Central Lancashire University, and representatives of Hereford City Council, have sought access within the station forecourt area for the Hereford Zipper Bus. 

“Excluding this bus from a transport hub and positioning it away from the station on the main road is irrational and inconsistent with the declared intention of creating a unified transport hub.

“Members feel there is inadequate provision for taxis and cars picking up passengers. 

“The quality and format of the cycle storage needs clarification and confirmation that a feasibility study verifies that there is sufficient cycle storage for the proposed use of this site should be included in the supporting documents.

“As noted above, the number of bays is insufficient for future development of a genuine transport hub. 

“This is created in part by the excessive planting and the design appears confused between a transport hub or a community garden. Members are concerned about the maintenance of the excessive planting, especially the trees that aren’t planted in the ground, noting the continuing difficulties, including the substantial financial commitment arising from maintaining (mobile) planters elsewhere in the City. 

“The landscaping scheme should be simplified bearing in mind the purpose is to create a transport hub.”

Previous update shared in October 2023:

A planning application has been submitted for the provision of a transport hub and public realm improvements at Hereford Railway Station.

This will include the creation of a bus interchange, waiting area, canopy and layover space, provision of passenger drop- off and parking areas, and formation of a new access junction via CityLink Road.

The creation of a drive-in / reverse-out (DIRO) bus interchange, with capacity for four bus spaces, three on-street bus stops along CLR and 12-seat weather protected area for those waiting for the on-street buses.

The creation of a 4.5 metre high, L-shaped external canopy shelter area including a ‘Hub’ waiting room which includes an internal seating area of 30-seats, two male and two female restrooms, including two accessible toilets (includes baby changing facility) and a small welfare area for bus and taxi operators containing a small kitchenette with a total gross external floorspace area of 80.5sqm. 

The provision of a bus layover space with capacity for five bus spaces.

Provision of five passenger pick-up / drop-off spaces, a five-bay taxi rank, four accessible parking spaces, 17 staff parking spaces, 30 covered cycle spaces and 114 cycle stands (total of 144 cycle spaces).

Minor layout amendments to the parking arrangements of the NCP car park retaining the existing 144 car parking spaces. Parking bays are to be re-demarcated to accommodate four taxi spaces, four accessible parking spaces, eight staff parking spaces and 128 flexible short / long- stay spaces.

The formation of a new access junction via the CLR south-east of the Station Medical Centre. 

Improvements to the public realm including the provision of street furniture, seating elements, landscaping elements, rain gardens and Sheffield and Beryl Bike stands.

Network Rail has confirmed that it has no objections to the plans for a transport hub at Station Approach.