The British Horse Racing Authority has been made aware of a video that is circulating on social media sites such as Twitter, that appears to show a person jumping on the back of a dead horse.

The video is likely to cause further issues for the sport in the lead up to the Cheltenham Festival, with an incident involving Irish Trainer Gordon Elliot already being investigated.

Last night, The British Horse Racing Authority issued the following statement in regards to the incident involving Gordon Elliot. Please note that there is no evidence that indicates that both of these incidents are in anyway related to each other.

The British Horseracing Authority (BHA) will not allow the Irish trainer Gordon Elliott to race horses in Britain whilst the Irish authorities investigate an image that appeared on social media over the weekend.

The trainer admitted the photo was genuine and apologised for his actions.

The BHA, which regulates racing in Britain, will use powers under its own rules to refuse to allow horses trained by Mr Elliott to race in Britain pending consideration of the outcome of the Irish investigation.

The action taken by the BHA recognises that Mr Elliott is licensed in Ireland, whose regulatory body, the IHRB, is carrying out its own investigation.

However, Mr Elliott has entered horses to race in Britain, from which point the British Rules of Racing apply to him.

The decision to refuse to allow horses trained by Mr Elliott to run in Britain is therefore an interim decision which the BHA regards as proportionate in these circumstances.

In an earlier statement, the BHA said it was appalled by the image which undermined its values of respecting and caring for horses.