The Edgar Street stadium improvements are set to commence in the coming weeks, with the Blackfriars End demolishment work taking place, plus the installation of new floodlights.

The planning application for the demolishment of the Blackfriars End has been approved, with a company in place to carry out the work.

The football club has also submitted a planning application to replace the floodlights at the stadium. 

The planning application, submitted to Herefordshire Council states:

‘Proposed replacement floodlights, replaced with 4 columns of LED lighting.’

‘Musco Lighting has completed lighting designs and spill light calculations for the lighting assessment of the Hereford FC Stadium in Edgar St, Hereford (HR4 9JU). 

‘Based on consultation with the club and the lighting standards enforced by the Premier League Stadium Fund to assess the quality of the technical proposals, Musco has designed the pitch lighting to levels that are suitable for non-professional games in accordance with BS EN 12193 – Sports Lighting and the Football Foundation criteria. 

‘In addition, the system will be designed to be dimmable to allow lower lighting levels for training and underage matches, when the highest light level is not required.

‘The club has asked that Musco’s lighting design would minimize the spill light and glare on the surrounding areas with particular consideration for the residences that are in the vicinity. 

‘Musco has proposed the appropriate number and height of columns to provide adequate downward aiming angles of the floodlights onto the pitch surface, thus minimizing glare and spill light. 

‘In addition, the Musco system is custom-designed with full cut-off visors and reflectors to control the light output from the floodlights and direct as much light as possible onto the pitch surface and away from surrounding areas. 

‘The following report details the proposed Musco system and design and how it has been developed to control light, maintain performance, and comply with the lighting requirements.’

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