From Hereford and Worcester Animal Rescue:

Eric – French bulldog – 1 year old

Firstly yes, it seems Eric was bred to look this way! 

‘Hairless frenchies’ are now apparently a thing – a designer breed!

Although we absolutely do not agree with messing with genetics and extreme breeding to produce puppies like this, little Eric didn’t ask to look this way so our priority is now finding the little sweetheart the best possible home who will be responsible and protect this little mite. 

Sadly, it seems as though Eric has been passed from pillar to post recently. 

After being rehomed via an online selling page and given away for free, he was then abandoned locally in Hereford the very next morning. 

He’s now being treated for an eye infection, with the possibility of having entopion so surgery could be required down the road.

We really despair with irresponsible people! 

As Eric has no fur he is at high risk of sunburn so any new owner will need to be aware of this and protect him during sunny times and take good care of his skin all year round.

Eric is the sweetest boy and super cute but he will need an experienced dog owner who can put in the time and effort to help him thrive, his new family will ideally have experience with French bulldogs, experience of caring for hairless pets would obviously be an advantage but we will support his new family wherever needed.

Initially, Eric’s appearance can be quite amusing but in reality this poor lad will no doubt face some challenges but we know that with the right family by his side he will make the most incredible, loving, and affectionate companion. 

Eric could possibly live with another kind dog.

Any children would need to be 8 years and over. 

If you would like to express a serious interest in little Eric we would love to hear from you. 

Please give us a call directly on 01568 760033.