Bulls’ Chairman, Chris Ammonds, has issued a plea to supporters to ensure they behave appropriately when supporting the club.

The plea comes after three separate reports were received about issues caused by individuals at recent Hereford FC games – Tamworth and Chester away, and Southport at home.

Ammonds said:

“While the vast majority of our fantastic supporters behave very well and do not cause any issues, we have received reports about incidents at three of our recent games.

“I would like to remind all supporters that their behaviour reflects on our great club and its reputation within the football world.

“We will not tolerate discriminatory or abusive language of any sort or any anti-social behaviour and will deal with any reports of this nature we receive very robustly.

“Working with the police and other clubs in this league, we will also come down strongly on any supporters throwing items onto the field of play (including drinks), or causing damage to facilities at any of the grounds we visit.

“Not only do reports like the ones we have received cause reputational damage, they also cause a huge amount of added work for office staff at Edgar Street given that we have to respond to each report in detail having investigated the information received.

“Please can I ask all our supporters to take responsibility for their own behaviour and to also try to influence others in a positive way too.

“I have no doubt that the majority of fans do exactly that, but as a club we felt it important to put out a reminder to everyone to send a clear message on this subject and be open about the recent issues that have occurred.”

Any support who witnesses any form of discriminatory, abusive or anti-social behaviour or language is asked to report it to the nearest steward, or by texting 07547 248 498.