From The Official Hereford FC Website:

At our last Board meeting, the Board accepted the resignation of our Chairman, Andrew Graham.

Andrew cited the increased level of involvement he is having in his expanding business interests. Going forward he believes these interests will have an impact on his ability to fulfill the role of Chairman and felt the time was right to step aside.

The Board is pleased to announce that with immediate effect, Mr. Robert Crawford was elected as our new Chairman. Since Rob joined the board, he has demonstrated that he has the skills, drive, and most importantly time that this demanding role dictates.

The Board would like to put on record our appreciation for the sterling work Andrew has done since he was elected as Chair, especially during these exceptionally difficult times being experienced by us all.

Andrew intends to remain as a HUST Nominated Director (HND) and will support Rob during this transition period. Andrew will undertake a portfolio that includes being our Covid-19 Officer and fronting our Community arm.

Additionally, he will lead our endeavours in trying to have the National League grant realigned to reflect ‘lost gate revenue’.

Photo Credit: Bulls News