Can you help Hereford and Worcester Animal Rescue find a home for this dog before the 31st December?

From Hereford and Worcester Animal Rescue:

“WE HAVE UNTIL 31st DECEMBER 2023 to find this boy a home or we risk losing him. 

“PLEASE NOTE- this dog is NOT currently in our care! We have absolutely no space for him but he will hopefully join us next week, he will then be fully assessed. 

“We are trying to get one step ahead by finding possible home offers as he is running out of time. 

“We have no other photos at this stage.

“Caesar was apparently found tied up and abandoned in Herefordshire a few weeks ago. 

“We know he has lived with another dog recently so this could be a possibility going forward, but it would have to be a suitable match. We will know more once he has been fully assessed.

“An adult only home will be essential, we will not be able to consider homes with children.

“We have NO previous history about Caesar so will not take this risk. 

“Any new owner MUST be able to take him through the exemption process to keep him safe and legal! 

Applying for an exemption certificate asap.

Being neutered – this will be done by HWAR as soon as a home is secured.

Wearing a muzzle at all times whilst out in public.

Must be kept on lead at all times in public.

A very secure home environment- to prevent escape. 

Microchipped – he is microchipped and details will be kept up to date by HWAR 

New owner must take out third party liability insurance, this must be kept up for the length of the Caesar’s life. 

Caesar’s new owner/s must also;

Be very experienced with bull breeds, proven experience of owning and training similar breeds will be essential. 

Be an adult only home.

Pass our homecheck and vet check. 

Ideally own their own home, this is not essential and not us being judgemental! We are thinking ahead, we would just be concerned that there could be the chance of struggling to find future rental properties with this breed of dog (not something we agree with!)

After exemption, his new owner/s must;

All info, as above.

Be able to show the Certificate of Exemption when asked by a police officer or a council dog warden, either at the time or within 5 days.

We know that taking on Caesar will be a huge commitment, we are potentially running out of time but he desperately deserves a chance at life. 

We will not let him go to just anyone, he will need dedicated and responsible owners who will be committed to keeping him safe for the rest of his life.

If you have read and understood all above information and can provide a secure and stable environment for Caesar we would love to hear from you. 

Please only apply if you can meet the above requirements. 

Call 01568 760033 for more information.