Local residents in the Fownhope area have shared their anger after Balfour Beatty confirmed that the B4224 at Fownhope will remain closed for a further four months after it was damaged in the February floods.

Local businesses have been hit hard and many have seen a significant reduction in income and this combined with the Coronavirus pandemic, has seen many businesses in the area on the brink.

Here are some of the views on our Facebook page:

Andrew Thomas:

“This is a joke, one man working on his own with a wheelbarrow and a shovel could’ve fixed it by now.”

Mark Wrathall:

“Perhaps we (Herefordshire Council) could hire some Japanese road engineers, they’d have it fixed in a week.”

Gary Small:

“Absolute disgrace! It‚Äôs a road for Christ sake, anybody would think they were building a new bridge not a road repair.”