From Whitchurch Fire Station (Hereford & Worcester Fire and Rescue Service)

Yesterday morning (14/7/2021) crews from Whitchurch Fire Station and Ross on Wye Fire Station attended a house fire in Symonds Yat West.

Unfortunately, on the way to the incident the crews were delayed due to parked cars which did not leave enough room for a fire engine to get through.

Please be considerate when parking your car, and as the population of the Wye Valley increases three times due to tourism in the summer months, please be considerate when parking. If you own a holiday home, guest house or B&B please asks your guests to park considerably

Hereford & Worcester Fire and Rescue Service (HWFRS) supported by West Mercia Police are reminding drivers to be mindful of where they park on narrow roads as it could prevent fire engines and other emergency vehicles from accessing an emergency.

HWFRS will be distributing leaflets, candidly branded ‘No Way Thru’ to warn members of the public about the stark realities of inconsiderate parking, and provide some parking tips to enable emergency service vehicles access. 

When parking please: 

  • Park close to the kerb
  • Fold in wing mirrors 
  • In narrow streets only park on one side of the road (where possible) 
  • Obey the Highway Code and road markings such as yellow lines and box junctions 
  • Do NOT park too close to corners or traffic calming measures 

Station Commander Neil Lilwall said: “We are urging people to think before they park, emergency vehicles need more space than an average car. Inconsiderate parking can obstruct emergency vehicles and cause delays.” 

He continued: “If you would struggle to fit a car or van through parked cars it is very unlikely a fire engine and other emergency access vehicles will get through. Please think about how and where you park. Every second counts when someone needs our help!”

Assistant Chief Constable Martin Evans from West Mercia Police said: “When our officers are responding to an emergency, every second counts. Anything that slows us down can have a real impact. 

“I would urge everyone to be aware of the need for emergency vehicles to get past when they park and to make sure they leave enough room for us to get through safely.”

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