The Hereford Community Clean Up Group are asking local residents and businesses to ‘adopt a sign’ in an attempt to further brighten up Herefordshire.

Further details from the Hereford Community Clean Up Group:

Who’s up for our new scheme.

It’s called ‘Adopt a Sign’ so it could be a sign in your estate, park road or lane. Or even if you live in a flat or house without a garden and you fancy a bit of gardening then this might be right up your street. You can add your own personal touch to it, so you can plant shrubs, perennials or bedding plants which ever you like. You can make it simple or make it a bit more extravagant, let your imagination run wild. Just remember the council will be coming around with the strimmers so I would recommend putting some sort of edging to protect the plants.

All you need to do is register your name, contact details, which sign you would like to look after and what you intend to do to the sign to tidy/brighten it up. Becca Wilkin will be logging everyone’s details so please message her.

If any business would like to sponsor a sign, then HCCUG would be happy to buy the plants, maintain and place a small plaque with the sponsors business on it that will be put in the bed. This would be a great way of getting your business noticed and a great way of helping us brighten up Hereford. Please let us know if this is something that would be of interest to you.

We do have a few rules:

  1. You must register with Becca before you get started.
  2. You can plant any plants but they must NOT obscure the sign.
  3. You will provide the edging, plants, maintenance and water.
  4. If you want to put a planter it must not stick out to much from under the sign and cause an obstruction, it must also be secured to the poles by some chains. This is to stop anyone walking away with it or displacing it.
  5. You can either scrub the sign and if it in need of a lick of paint then you can do that. You will need to provide the paint and put a sign up if it’s near a pavement to say ‘Wet Paint’.
  6. If the sign is beyond repair, broken or even missing then please report it on the app ‘Fix my Street’.

If you think I have missed anything or you need more information then please message me or Becca Wilken.

These are a few ideas of what could be achieved with a bit of love and attention. Let’s get Hereford looking brighter and more attractive for visitors and wildlife.