The Director of Public Health is appealing to the residents of Wyre Forest to stop the spread of Covid-19, as the district now has the highest infection rate in Worcestershire.

Latest data shows that Wyre Forest has an infection rate of 49 per 100,000 people. This is higher than the County’s overall rate of 39 per 100, 000 people.

The cases in the district are rising in those under 50, and in households. Kidderminster in particular is seeing a rise in numbers, especially amongst younger people.  

Public health teams are already working in the district and will continue to target interventions where needed. But the public has a huge role to play, in bringing the cases back down.  

Dr. Kathryn Cobain, the Director for Public Health in Worcestershire said; “I am concerned to see the rising infection rate in Wyre Forest and in particular in Kidderminster. This tells us that people are not social distancing and following the rules which can help prevent the virus spreading. I am appealing to everyone in Wyre Forest to play their part. The virus only moves around because we mix and socialise. This is how it spreads. If you stop mixing with others, keep your distance, wash your hands and wear face coverings, you are breaking the chains of transmission, stopping the virus from spreading. No-one wants to see the district face tougher restrictions and so now is the time to take this really seriously. You can reduce your risk and the risk of those you love, by following the rules and keeping Covid-19 under control. “

Councillor John Smith, Worcestershire County Council Cabinet Member with Responsibility for Health and Wellbeing said; “ We can’t bury our heads in the sand and ignore these statistics. They tell us clearly that the district has to take action quickly, to prevent the situation affecting more lives. Covid-19 may barely touch your life, you may only get a mild dose of it, you may stay well even with it, but you can spread it to others who will become seriously ill with the virus. That could be people you love. I’d ask everyone in the Wyre Forest District to now act, follow the new rules and stop the spread of this virus. We have a chance to prevent this getting worse, let’s take it.”