Villagers in Withington have been warning fellow residents after attempted burglaries in the village.

A local resident posted in the Withington Folk Facebook group and said:

“Just so you are aware, please can you ask people to be vigilant and ensure everything is locked up with the house. We’ve just caught someone trying to burgle a house down chapel road.

“We heard the fence go, assumed it was a cat but my partner got up to check as he just had a feeling and someone dressed all in black (hoodie etc) had jumped their garden fence and was making their way to their back door.

“My partner shouted “Oi” and they ducked he then shouted “show yourselves” and they put their head down. I’ve called the police and they are on their way. Just thought I’d make you aware. He’s gaining access to gardens via the no man’s land bit behind our houses this side. Can’t believe this is happening.”

A number of local residents commented on the post, concerned that their properties could be the next ones targeted. Anyone with any information should call West Mercia Police on 101.