Pubs in Herefordshire re-opened yesterday and the vast majority in Hereford had a very successful day with staff and customers getting used to a new way of working.

The majority of pubs adopted a booking policy and within hours of slots being announced, they were filled.

Police did have to respond to incidents throughout the evening but the majority of those out were in good spirits and adhering to the measures put in place by each venue.

Herefordshire Council has been supporting businesses by giving them the opportunity to enhance their outdoor space. The Kerry have successfully installed an outdoor seating area alongside the pub which proved to be a huge success with seats full and beers flowing throughout the day.

Craig Whitehouse, manager of Yates in Hereford shared the following message on social media:

“I Just want to say as the manager of Yates. We had a great day. No major incidents and a massive thank you to my whole team and the majority of customers who have adapted to the changes that’ve been enforced upon us. The new normal is strange but it can work. We proved that today in my opinion. Below is some feedback from a customer is below from a visit today.”

“After visiting Yates today with my partner and friend from a shared house, I am extremely happy with the cleanliness of the pub and the things your have put in place to protect us all and the whole system worked exceptionally well. Very happy and impressed with my first visit back to the pub.”

There were no incidents reported elsewhere in the county and pubs in Leominster, Ross, Bromyard, Ledbury and Kington are all believed to have had a decent day.