Two Herefordshire secondary schools have been rated as ‘good’ following recent visits from Ofsted Inspectors. 

Weobley High School and Lady Hawkins’ School were both subject to visits by Ofsted in January of this year.

Weobley High School Ofsted Report:

“Happiness is central to daily life at Weobley High School. Almost every pupil enjoys school. 

“They know they belong to an inclusive community where people respect and care for each other.

“Pupils talk to each other, staff and visitors with respect and good humour. They are open when sharing their views and opinions because school leaders have created opportunities for them to be heard. Pupils feel safe in school. If bullying happens, leaders deal with it promptly.

“Pupils enjoy learning a wide range of subjects. They appreciate the way teachers help them to learn and are confident that they will be successful. 

“The curriculum is carefully thought out in most subjects, but there are a few subjects where the curriculum is not as strong. Pupils are well-prepared for their next steps in education and beyond.

“Most pupils take advantage of the clubs and activities the school provides beyond the curriculum. 

“From rugby to drama to cooking, there is usually an extra-curricular opportunity that will appeal. 

“Younger pupils enjoy the variety of the workshops they have on ‘Enrichment Tuesdays’, including animation and philosophy. 

“Older pupils value contributing to the school community through being prefects and buddy readers.”

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Lady Hawkins’ School Ofsted Report:

“Pupils enjoy being part of this small secondary school. 

“They appreciate knowing staff and other pupils really well. 

“Pupils say that ‘everyone is allowed to be different and unique’. Pupils work hard in lessons and try their best to meet the high expectations that leaders have of them. 

“However, teachers do not check pupils’ learning consistently well. This means that some pupils, particularly those with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND), fall behind, and teachers are not always aware of this.

“Pupils are polite and respectful to adults and to their peers. They behave well in most lessons, in social times and around the school. Leaders record any allegations of bullying that occur, and they follow them up diligently. 

“Pupils are confident to share any concerns or worries they may have, as they know that adults will support them when they need help. Pupils value the opportunities they have to learn about keeping themselves safe. 

“They say that they like to learn about risks they may face from teachers before they learn about it from their friends.

“Pupils enjoy participating in a wide range of lunchtime and after-school clubs. 

“Pupils take part in the many sports clubs available, in drama productions and in clubs such as Japanese club and board games.”

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