Liz Board (an independent candidate for Tupsley) has promised to oppose an Eastern River Crossing if she gets voted in at the local elections on Thursday 4th May.

In a post sent to Your Herefordshire, Liz said:

“My name is Liz Board and I am standing as an Independent Councillor (totally Independent and not affiliated to any other Independents) in the Ward where I have lived all of my life, Tupsley.

“I am married with two children who both went to St Paul’s Primary School and then Bishops School (as did I).  

“One has just gone to University and the other has recently bought a house in Tupsley with her partner.

“I have decided to stand in the forthcoming elections as I have been so frustrated in recent years by our current councillors support for the West of the City and not so much the East.

“I will support the Western Bypass and oppose the Eastern River Crossing.

“Vote for Liz Board as I care passionately about the best interests of Tupsley.”

In an information pack sent to Your Herefordshire, Liz shared her reasons behind opposing an Eastern River Crossing. She said:

“This project will not solve Hereford’s traffic problems, but will move 1000’s of vehicles every day onto Hampton Park and Ledbury Road (back into Hereford).

“It will create rat runs through Tupsley housing estates, past schools causing massive amounts of pollution and making our roads very dangerous for residents and children walking to and from school. 

“This road can never go further than linking with Ledbury Road due to building restrictions on the Lugg Flats and can therefore never be a by-pass.”

Liz went on to add her reasoning behind supporting plans for a Western Bypass for Hereford. Liz said:

“I will support a Western Bypass so that HGVs and any through traffic, can totally avoid coming into the City.

“Traffic can then access any of the Trading Estates, the Leisure Centre, Racecourse, or any of the many places on the West of the City (none of which exist on the East).”

Other things that Liz says she will support if elected are:

“Ending the current Council waste and vanity projects that have little value in people’s lives.

“Support the new museum and library projects, fight for funding for The Courtyard and support other leisure and recreation projects to enhance lives.

“Champion fair rates for our restaurants, pubs, shops, and businesses so they can stay afloat and thrive.

“Ensure the project to improve Children’s Services does not ‘drift or delay’.

“Investigate Balfour Beatty contracts and ensure these big contractors are held accountable for poor work and escalating costs.

“Lead calls for a better funding deal for Herefordshire’s NHS and social care.

“I have never stood to be a Councillor before, but feel I now must because of my frustration with decisions being made and voted for by our current Councillor that don’t reflect the views or interests of many residents.

“I have been a public servant all my life working for 26 years at the Magistrates Court and the last 8 as an Administrator for a Primary School. I have lived in various parts of Tupsley all my life (unlike our current Councillor) and my daughters attended local primary and secondary schools.

“I am NOT part of the current ruling coalition of ‘Independents for Herefordshire’ and Greens. 

“I am standing as an Independent Councillor & because I am NOT affiliated to any party, I will be free to vote for and against what matters in this area.”