A substantial and complex police investigation – which strived to get justice for a four-week-old baby – has ended with the boy’s father being convicted of his murder.

In a case spanning more than six years, detectives worked tirelessly to gather evidence detailing the catastrophic physical abuse inflicted upon Ollie Davis during the last 10 days of his life.

Today (Friday 22 March), at Leicester Crown Court, following an eight-week trial, Ollie’s father Michael Davis has been found guilty of a total of three offences – including his murder in 2017.

He has also been found guilty of two counts of grievous bodily harm with intent.

Footage from Michael Davis’s police interviews in 2017 and 2020

Ollie’s mother, Kayleigh Driver, was found guilty of two offences – causing or allowing the death of a child and causing or allowing a child to suffer serious physical harm.

She was found not guilty of murder and not guilty of grievous bodily harm with intent.

Both are due to be sentenced on Wednesday 10 April.

The investigation has been handled throughout by specialist detectives working in the East Midlands Special Operation Unit (EMSOU) Murder Investigation Team.

For the past two years, the case has been led by Detective Inspector (DI) Mark Parish, alongside Detective Constable (DC) Natasha Batstone – who has been the officer in the case since 2018.

The team have never wavered in their efforts to uncover the truth surrounding Ollie’s death and ensure those responsible were brought to justice.

Emergency services were first called to the-then family home in Upper Temple Walk, Leicester, after Ollie was found unresponsive in his cot on the morning of 21 October 2017.

Ollie was rushed to hospital by the ambulance service but despite their efforts he was pronounced dead a short time later.

There were no obvious signs of injury or any illness that could account for Ollie’s death, but a few days later, following medical investigation of Ollie’s body, the true extent of his injuries was uncovered.

The post-mortem examination revealed Ollie had died from the delayed effects of a broken neck, believed to have occurred up to eight days before his death. The injury had led to the compression of the spinal cord which had caused him to stop breathing.

It was also revealed Ollie had a total of 40 bone fractures – including a fractured skull, collar bone, breaks to joints in both arms and legs and 23 rib fractures.

Upon the discovery, the case was assigned to specialist detectives from the East Midlands Special Operations Unit (EMSOU) Murder Investigation Team.

Davis, now aged 29, and Driver, now aged 31, both of Carlisle Street, Leicester, were initially arrested by police on 27 October 2017 but offered no plausible account or explanation for the injuries.

What ensued was a lengthy and complex police investigation which drew upon medical experts to examine in great detail each of Ollie’s injuries.

It was established the fractures he sustained were non-accidental and must have been caused by serious physical abuse.

The nature of the injuries also revealed they were caused by inflicting harm in different ways – this includes a blow to the head or impact against a hard surface to cause the skull fracture, severe compression of the chest to cause rib fractures, twisting of the limbs to cause the joint fractures and a pulling of the neck to cause the injury which ultimately killed Ollie.

Alongside the examination of his injuries by a number of medical specialists, police continued to interview Davis and Driver – as well as family members and key health care professionals. 

They both continued to deny any knowledge of what had happened.

In October 2021, after four years of gathering evidence, the pair were charged in connection with Ollie’s death and of causing the multitude of other injuries.

DI Mark Parish said: “Today’s verdicts are the culmination of more than six years of police investigation and detailed medical examination by specialists.

“The determination and commitment from the investigation and prosecution team has been in vital in achieving today’s result. We never lost sight in how important it was to get justice for Ollie.”

DC Batstone added: “Davis and Driver have evaded justice since 2017 but will now be facing a lengthy sentence for their actions. Ollie was a defenceless newborn baby who was abused and ultimately killed by someone who should have protected and cared for him the most.

“I would like to thank all the witnesses who gave evidence in this trial and extend my heartfelt condolences to Ollie’s wider family who can hopefully take some comfort now we have finally got justice for Ollie.”