Bill Wiggin MP enlists help of Prime Minister in fight for vulnerable children in Herefordshire.

On Wednesday the Prime Minister agreed to meet with Sir Bill Wiggin, Member of Parliament for North Herefordshire, to discuss what more can be done to improve Herefordshire’s Children’s Services.

“I and many constituents affected by this department are appalled at how Herefordshire’s previous Independent-Green Council left our Children’s Services.

Following my question I continue to learn some terrible stories from families who rely on Children’s Services.

As fathers, the Prime Minister and I will do everything we can to ensure that all vulnerable families and children receive proper support.

That is why I took this issue to him and I look forward to meeting him.”

Sir Bill has campaigned for many years for better children’s services in Herefordshire and this week asked the Prime Minister to intervene during Prime Minister’s Questions.

The Prime Minister acknowledged Sir Bill’s tireless effortsand agreed to meet him about this issue.

In 2022 the Government appointed a Children’s Commissioner to help improve the Services.

The Commissioner published a report last March, which concluded that progress has been far too slow.

The current Conservative Council are doing all they can to improve the situation.

Ofsted, the non-ministerial department responsible for standards in children’s services, is due to publish a report this month about the Services.

Sir Bill’s contribution during Prime Minister’s Questions can be read here and watched here.