A member of the public has contacted us this evening to warn residents about suspicious activity near Hereford Leisure Pool.

The member of the public told us the following: (The incident has been reported to police and the reference number is 00414_I_17022021)

“On 17th February, me and my daughter (3 years-old) were walking our 3 month old puppy down by the swimming baths in Hereford and a man in front was talking to someone else about how he’d just been released from prison.

“We swiftly walked in front of him to which he started shouting at us so I ignored it but turned to see he was chasing after us, I had to grab my daughter and puppy as quick as I could and ran to the laundrette.”

“A lovely lady let us in and locked us in there. The man then walked past and said ‘lucky I didn’t get you then’.

“I think he was after the dog, we contacted police and unfortunately they’ve been able to do little about it. It’s really shaken me and more so my daughter up. I now have to walk around with a defence spray and a personal alarm.

“The man had a black mask on and dark clothes but I want the word out that these dog theives have no care for whether you are in a busy area or not. It was the middle of the day too.”