This is Steven Richards. He’s been spotted around Hereford with a large branch on his head all weekend!

Steven is from Stourport but came to Hereford on the train on Friday and is enjoying his time in the city.

He has spent the weekend featured on plenty of social media accounts and there are photos and videos circulating of his time in the city.

There were plenty of positive comments on the Your Herefordshire Facebook page about Steven.

Charlotte Hoare said:

“Saw him dancing outside TK Maxx on Saturday, to an amazing band. It was a lovely atmosphere.”

Kevin Maddocks commented:

“Saw him last night walking through town. Got a good singing voice to fair.”

Colin Pugh told us:

“Saw this guy today rush to help an old man who had fallen over in the road and couldn’t get up.

“He made sure he was ok and helped walk him to a taxi. So despite some of the comments – as the saying goes, don’t judge a book by its cover.”

NikkI Ive wrote:

“He was loving The Nightporters in the Old Market yesterday.”