Update from West Mercia Police:

“We received a call around 8.15pm on Monday evening (13 November) with a report of a man having been bitten by a dog on Waggoners Way in Hereford.

“Officers attended the incident to find a man with injuries to his leg.

“The dog and owner left the incident before officers arrived and investigations are now on going to locate them both.”

Original Article:

Witnesses are being asked to contact police after a terrifying dog attack in Hereford on Monday evening.

The attack occurred in the Saxon Gate area of the city.

A member of the public, who we have decided not to name, shared the following information on Facebook:

“This is to appeal to anybody who lives in Saxon Gate, specially in Waggoners Way in Hereford, who could have seen or recorded through their cameras/ring bells a young white male with a dark hoodied jacket walking with a light brown dog which wasn’t on the lead around 8pm.

“Yesterday at 8.05pm my husband was attacked by what he thinks was a XL Bully  (Your Herefordshire must make it clear that this is yet to be confirmed and only speculation at this point) opposite our house on Waggoners Way. 

“The dog was not on a lead and the owner was walking behind. As my husband crossed the road, the dog sprinted towards him and clamped its jaws around his calf, pushed him on the floor and wouldn’t release as the blood was pouring down his leg. 

“The owner couldn’t control or pull the dog off. My husband proceeded to kick the dog’s head with his right foot in order to defend himself and try to push the dog off.

“This probably forced the dog to open its jaws which helped my husband to release his leg. 

“At that moment the dog’s owner put the lead on the dog and started running away leaving my husband bleeding on the floor.

“This person went down Waggoners Way with the dog and we would like to ask all the neighbours who have a ring bell or cameras to please check any footage they may have from before and after the attack to identify this person and the dog. 

“We are aware that some ring bell recordings will disappear in 24 hours, so we would like to ask if you could record them and send them to us. 

“If this would have happened to a child, he/she would have even been more seriously injured or killed. This dog is still out there and could attack again.

“We would like to thank all the neighbours who came out to help, support and called the police.”