A single father and his children have been left shaken after returning home from watching England at Wembley, to find their house had been ransacked by thieves.

Jason, a single father who lives in Malvern, found his house on Queen Elizabeth Road had been broken into, and his van stolen, whilst him and his children were enjoying England’s victory over Malta at Wembley.

Jason said:

“Writing this absolutely distraught. After an eventful trip to Wembley to see England play on Friday night, myself and my two kids got home at 1:42 am this morning. My door had been smashed in, glass everywhere. 

The lights upstairs are on, kids still in the car. 

“My van (my livelihood) has disappeared from my drive. My house has been turned upside down. Rang 999 immediately. They said my van reg VU60ODW was clocked on an ANPR camera heading towards Powick at 9:01 pm.

“I live on Queen Elizabeth Road (the Royal estate). My neighbours have a ring doorbell and could see my van on my drive at 8:48 pm. The footage shows someone (not a clear image) pass theirs, but doesn’t fully pass mine. I don’t have any photos of my van, but it is sign written. I have the artwork proof.

“My kids are inconsolable and this will affect them for some considerable time. I’m a single dad and have my kids on the weekends and school holidays. 

“My daughter especially doesn’t want to come anymore. She’s petrified as I am to be fair. My son is very upset, but handling it better. 

“If you happen to have seen anything at the bottom of Queen Elizabeth Road between 8:30pm and 9:30pm that look suspicious, please contact the police or me on here or my number 07791742949. Thanks. Jason.”