Heavy rain is continuing to fall onto saturated ground across mid Wales today, with the Environment Agency warning that further flooding is possible in Herefordshire, particularly surrounding the River Wye and River Lugg.

Levels on the Wye in Herefordshire are falling slightly this morning, but still remain high in Hereford, with a level of 3.8 metres recorded at Old Bridge at 10am this morning.

Upstream, levels at Pant Mawr, Ddol Farm, Builth Wells and Hay-on-Wye are rising again and the Environment Agency has just updated its Flood Alert for Herefordshire.

The Environment Agency Flood Alert for the River Wye in Herefordshire says:

“River levels have begun to rise again at the Hay on Wye river gauge and remain high at Bredwardine, Belmont, Old Wye Bridge, Mordiford and Ross on Wye river gauges following recent heavy rainfall. Flooding continues.

“We expect flooding to affect low lying land and roads along the River Wye from Hay on Wye to Ross on Wye. Other locations that may be affected include the A438, Byford, Bredwardine and Hereford.

“The footpath on the North River bank in Hereford and King Georges playing fields start to flood.

“Hay on Wye is expected to peak at 3.4m to 3.9m on Sunday evening 20/02/22, Bredwardine at 5.5 to 6.0m Monday morning 21/02/22, Belmont at 5.2m to 5.7m on Monday afternoon 21/02/22. Old Wye Bridge at 4.6m to 5.1m Monday afternoon 21/02/22, Mordiford 4.9m to 5.3m on Monday night 21/02/22. Ross on Wye is predicted to peak between 3.9m and 4.4m on Tuesday morning 22/02/22.

“Further rainfall is forecast over the next 24 hours. We are closely monitoring the situation. Please avoid contact with flood water. This message will be updated by 7pm Sunday 20/02/22, or as the situation changes.”