Residents in the South Wye area of Hereford are being urged to remain vigilant following an incident that occurred earlier this week.

A member of the public who lives in the Redhill area of Hereford contacted Your Herefordshire and said the following:

“Just wanted to report something if possible.

“So others in the local area are aware and to be more vigilant. On Monday night we had some things taken from our vehicle which was parked on our driveway (we believe between 11:30pm-12:00am).

“This morning we found items from the car (luckily non-valuable items) scattered up our road. 

“We believe our dog and both indoor and outdoor lights must of spooked them last night, who knows what they would have taken if we hadn’t of done this. 

“Just wanted to give you a message just to put out there for residents in Hereford if possible. 

“To ensure all car and house doors are locked. 

“We live in a street just off the Ross Road/ Redhill area, and nothing like this has happened to us before and we would hate for this to happened to others.”