A fundraising page has been launched to help get a Hereford Mum home after almost dying after having surgery in Turkey.

A friend of Chloe, who is from Hereford said:

“Hi everyone, my name is Leah and my best friend Chloe went to Turkey on Friday last week (26.04.2024) for a gastric sleeve.

“She was originally going with another company but this company reached out promising better care and lower prices. 

“Her surgery was meant to be on Saturday but the surgeon pushed it forward to Friday the day she arrived.

“The surgery seemed to have been a success at first but later that evening Chloe had a sharp pain and a lot of blood gushed into her drain, they asked if it was normal and medical staff told her that it was normal

(up until this point of the sharp pain there was no blood in the drain at all).

“Then around 5am Turkish time Chloe went to the bathroom and fainted falling forwards, her dad called for help and medical staff came running and later said she had a bleed and had to take her to ICU to do an endoscopy to discover where the bleed was coming from.

“Chloe was still awake at this point and instantly said “Noooo, how much is this going to cost?” and they promised and reassured “nothing, it won’t cost any extra’.

“After doing the endoscopy they found the bleed and leak and also found her spleen to have been “ruptured” which they said is from the fall.

“They had to perform emergency surgery to re-do the Sleeve and repair her spleen.

“They had to put her into a medically induced coma. The staff told Chloe’s Dad that there was a 50/50 chance of her pulling through this and the next 24 hours were crucial.

“This was life or death for Chloe, her family and close friends have been so worried the last few days not knowing if she was going to make it home to her 2 year old son.

“Chloe has always worried about money and the only thing she was scared of before her surgery was handing over that large amount of money, never did she believe she would nearly not come home.

“Today after the hospital promised Chloe’s Dad that there will be NO CHARGE, they have turned around and asked for £5000, and that’s just the start of it for the care up until today.

“She is needing to stay there longer to recover before she is safe to fly so they have said it will cost even more than that. 

“I feel sick for her, she just came so close to losing her life and now they are asking for money she doesn’t have.

“Chloe is the last person to ask for help when she needs it, she worked herself to the bone to save this money for the surgery doing extra shifts at the hospital. 

“Chloe is NHS Bank staff which means she is on a 0 hours contract, although she tends to work between 37-50 hours a week, she is not contracted which means the only pay she will receive whilst being off work is SSP (roughly £400 a month) that won’t even cover her rent, let alone bills, food, childcare expenses.

“As we all know £400 is impossible to live off in this day and age especially with a 2 year old son.

“Please give what you can to help, I have never made a gofundme before but this is something so incredibly close to home for me (I had this surgery myself and was an inspiration to Chloe to get it done as mine was successful, it breaks my heart and eats me up that hers went wrong)

“Any help is appreciated and even a share if you can’t financially contribute would mean the world to Chloe’s family.”

You can donate by visiting – https://gofund.me/7b6fb407