Residents in one area of Hereford are disappointed to see their local pub boarded up following its recent closure.

The Volunteer on Harold Street in Hereford has been boarded up, following its closure earlier this year.

The pub, once popular due to its fantastic food, range of beers and pub games such as skittles, has struggled in recent times to attract a number of customer to make the pub a viable business.

It has been known over recent years for its fabulous Sunday Roasts and delicious pizzas.

It’s hoped that a new tenant / buyer can be found to reopen the pub, but for now, residents will have to face the image of their local being boarded up on a daily basis. 

A sign of tough times in the hospitality industry, which has seen hundreds of pubs and bars across the UK close their doors already this year, with more likely to follow as things get even tougher.