Herefordshire Council is set to scrap plans to move the Library to Maylord Orchards, in favour of an alternative plan.

Planning permission has been granted for the Library to move to Maylord Orchards in Hereford, as part of plans to create a Library and Resource Centre at the centre.

However, after the local elections saw a change in Cabinet Members at Herefordshire Council, it’s believed a significant rethink has taken place, with the library still likely to move, but to an alternative location to Maylord Orchards.

Your Herefordshire understands that the Shire Hall is one of the buildings being considered, with the possibility of funding from the likes of English Heritage.

Only a few weeks ago, Speller Metcalfe were announced as the developer that had won the contract to redevelop Maylord Orchards to include the library. 

The decision made by Herefordshire Council prior to the local elections in May stated:

“To appoint and award Speller Metcalf Ltd as the construction partner to take the redevelopment of the Library at Maylord Orchards project RIBA Stage 4, 5, 6 following a design and build process under a JCT fixed price contract up to the value of £2,652,000.00 (Including design costs)”

If the plan to move the library to Maylord Orchards is indeed scrapped, it would be the first major development planned by the previous Independents for Herefordshire and Green Party coalition to be scrapped by the new cabinet, and will no doubt disappoint those behind the original project, such as former councillor Gemma Davies. 

However, many are likely to believe that the Shire Hall could be the perfect location for a new library. It has plenty of character, but is currently out of use due to major building repairs being required, so a project such as this, could bring the building back to life, and more importantly, public use.