Our local healthcare staff has done a wonderful job during the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic and Natalie, a healthcare worker for a care company in Herefordshire, has certainly been one of those working hard.

Unfortunately, last night, Natalie’s moped was stolen from a property in Kington. It was later found damaged in at the Recreation Ground.

From Just Giving:

“Last night, Natalie had her moped stolen and wilfully damaged in Kington. She found it at the recreation ground, after being alerted by a dog walker this morning.

“This action has meant that Natalie is unable to work, as the moped is her only transport. As a valued staff member for Border Care, we are saddened and angry that this has happened to Natalie. She has reported the incident to the police, and if anyone has any information on this crime, please come forward.

“If we can however raise some funds to help her get back on her feet a little sooner whilst insurance is being sorted it would be lovely and I’m sure Nat would appreciate it. Thank you in advance.”

Crowdfunding to contribute towards getting Nat back on the road sooner rather than later so she can continue assisting those in need of care. on JustGiving