Pupils feel safe and enjoy learning at a Herefordshire Primary School, according to comments made in a report shared by Ofsted following a recent visit.

Ofsted visited St Mary’s C of E Primary School in Dilwyn on 11th January 2023.

The report stated:

‘Living, loving and learning together’ is at the heart of St Mary’s C of E Primary school. Pupils speak positively about the support they receive from staff. Pupils want to come to school every day, and they do. This is because they enjoy learning, feel safe and are happy in school.

Parents say that the school ‘nurtures’ their children. Leaders have high expectations for pupils’ behaviour and achievement. Pupils’ behaviour and attitudes to learning are highly respectful and positive. If bullying happens staff deal with it firmly.

Pupils achieve well. They develop secure literacy and numeracy skills. This gives them great confidence when learning other subjects. Pupils study a broad range of subjects. Leaders have set out precisely what they want pupils to learn in most subjects. However, in some subjects, there is more work to do to ensure that the learning is clearly set out.

Leaders support pupils’ wider development well. Pupils learn about their health and wellbeing. Pupils also speak confidently about online safety and being safe in the community. Pupils develop their understanding of democracy, equality and diversity. They take part in a wide range of extra-curricular activities, including sports and music.

Leaders are ambitious for all pupils. Pupils successfully achieve their academic potential. They also develop their emotional well-being and cultural knowledge. Pupils are enthusiastic about their learning. In the early years, there are positive relationships between staff, children and parents. This helps children to be confident and happy.

Leaders have set out the key knowledge and skills pupils learn in most subjects, including reading and mathematics. Pupils confidently talk about what they know, remember and understand in these subjects. For example, Year 5 and Year 6 pupils explained how their knowledge of times tables has developed. They also explained how they use this knowledge in other subject areas.

Full Report – 50208100 (ofsted.gov.uk)