Please be aware of anyone asking you to withdraw money, make bank transfers or hand over card details.

So called “courier fraud” can involve cold calls from people claiming to be from authority, such as police officers or credit card companies.

In reality, these calls are made by criminals, who often look to target elderly or vulnerable people.

A recent incident in South Worcestershire saw a call made from someone claiming to be from the “Met Fraud Team”.

They persuaded an elderly woman her daughter had been involved in an incident with a Rolex watch and they needed to hand over £8,000.

Thankfully the woman realised it was a scam and no money was handed over.

Chief Inspector Fergus Green said: “Scams like these can often sound very genuine and convincing but no-one legitimate will ever ask for money to be handed over, for card details or PINs.

“If you receive a call you believe to be fraudulent, put the phone down and report it to police immediately. Don’t be pressured. Give yourself time to stop and think.”

If you receive a suspicious phone call, you can report it to Action Fraud by visiting or calling 0300 123 2040.

If you are in immediate risk, always call 999.