West Mercia Police have issued an alert to residents in Herefordshire following a suspicious incident involving a caravan.

The incident occurred this afternoon in the village of Canon Pyon.

A spokesperson for West Mercia Police said:

“We received a report of suspicious behaviour this afternoon in Canon Pyon. 

“Here’s what happened:

“A man knocked on a resident’s door, inquiring about buying their caravan, which was not for sale. 

“When declined, he made an odd remark about previous occupants. 

“Afterward, he reversed his car down the street and parked opposite the house.

“A woman then emerged, seeming to observe the property while on her phone.

“Remember these general security tips:

“Always lock your doors and windows, even when at home. 

“Be cautious of strangers asking unusual questions or exhibiting strange behaviour.

“Report any suspicious activity.”