From West Mercia Police:

Please see the below SCAM email which is doing the rounds allegedly from BT. It looks very convincing, but there are a few clues that tip you off that it is not legit.

The most obvious for us, it was sent to our team police email address!

It asks you not to reply to the email and only wants you to click on the link ( likely this will take you to a form requesting all your personal details).

The address it is sent from is> (no mention of BT in the title)

A small bit of online research shows the telephone number at the bottom of the email (0800 800 150) is connected to a broadband scam, albeit also known as a real BT number, but scammers may have copied or cloned the number.

Your bank would notify you if there were insufficient funds to pay a direct debit. You would know if any of your bank accounts had changed which would alter any direct debit origins. 

If you were not paying enough money by direct debit to cover your bill, trust me when I say that BT would contact you to increase your direct debit. 

Cutting you off would be a last resort as they would then lose your account and in turn money!.

Direct Debits do not expire.

Never click on the link.

If in doubt, delete the email AND then delete it from your deleted items/recycle Bin

Never give out your personal details, if your hold an account with a company, they will have your personal details! 

There are loads of tips online to keep yourselves safe. is a great way to keep up to date with current scams and frauds to watch out for.