A member of the public has taken to social media this evening to warn of the risk of adder bites in Herefordshire.

Lauren Caine said her friend was walking on the Lugg flats just outside Hereford today when she was bitten by what appeared to be an adder in the grass. Lauren’s friend was then rushed to hospital and placed on a drip and continues to receive treatment.

Lauren said:

“Please be careful down the lugg flats. My friend has just been bitten by an adder and rushed to hospital and placed on a drip. Please be vigilant down there and watch out. Nothing was done to aggravate it either.”

There have been reports of adder bites in Herefordshire over recent years and there is known to be a population of adders on the Lugg flats. People should be reminded that the chances of being bitten by an adder are extremely slim.