A parent has contacted us today to share their concern over the lack of a safe crossing for students of St Mary’s High School in Lugwardine.

The parent has stated that their child has twice had a near miss with vehicles when crossing the main A438 Hereford to Ledbury road outside the school.

The parent said:

“Back when my daughter started in September in Year 7, she had a near miss crossing the main road to access the school. Since then she has been over paranoid about crossing and very careful, yet today she again had a very near miss when one car stopped allowing her to cross, however another car on the way towards Hereford for whatever reason nearly hit her, leaving her in tears at school and very shaken.¬†

“This follows years of the school asking for a crossing, and a boy being hit last year and being taken to hospital by the air ambulance.

“It is absolutely unacceptable that our children‚Äôs safety is compromised.”