The owner of a popular clothing store in Hereford has had his say on the Stone Island pub entry debate, after a pub in Hereford said that it would refuse entry to anyone wearing Stone Island clothing, hoodies or bum bags and would restrict entry to those aged 21 and over at weekends.

As you can imagine this has received a significant backlash with a number of national outlets such as LadBible and picking up on the headlines.

The owner of Calandras Menswear on Church Street in Hereford has now stepped into the debate, explaining more about the Stone Island brand and his views on the Orange Tree’s decision to refuse entry to those that wear the brand.

A post on the Calandras Menswear Facebook page said:

“Iā€™ve been wearing Stone Island for over 32years. I bought my first piece in Italy in 1989. Massimo Osti developed the brand to achieve technical innovation and fabrications.

“Stone Island is a phenomenon in the world of designer branded clothing and has created such innovative pieces as the Raso Gommato, Tela Stella, Reflective, Formula Steel etc etc.

“People have their own opinions about the brand but personally I think that it is one of the most premium and sought after brands on the market at this current time. I have a vested interest in the brand with a business I am involved with in Italy. There is more to Stone Island than just the badge, stigma and cult following.

“Many years ago in Italy, they used to quote that men in suits were classed as mafia, so would you associate everyone who wears a suit with the mafia?

“A lot of my friends, colleagues and associates wear the brand because of fit, style and technical abilities, not because itā€™s brand identifiable. If Liam Gallagher was to come to Hereford wearing a Stone Island parka, would he not be allowed into certain establishments because of what he was wearing?

“Iā€™ve been fortunate enough to meet Carlo Revitti and Lorenzo Osti who are still highly respected within the industry. To have the brand stigmatised in my opinion, is wrong. I will be wearing Stone Island the day that I depart this earth, it is a part of who I am.

“My Italian business will have a collection of Stone Island AW 21 in stock soon, so if anyone is interested in any Stoney, please let myself or Hugo know. Arrivederci.”

Looking to purchase some Stone Island clothing? Visit – Calandras Menswear | Facebook