Image: Google Street View – November 2015

Overall crime figures are down for the Hereford City Northside area, according to figures shown for November 2022. They show a total of 200 recorded crimes in the area, in comparison to 251 recorded crimes in this area in November 2021.

Violence and sexual offences remain top of the list when it comes to crimes reported, with a total of 94 incidents recorded in November 2022, with this down on the total number of 123 reports of violence and sexual offences that were reported to police in November 2021.

One of the reasons the overall level of crime has fallen is due to a significant fall in the number of reports of anti-social behaviour in this area of the city. In November 2022, a total of 25 reports of anti-social behaviour were reported to police in the Hereford City Northside area. This is significantly down from the 63 reports of anti-social behaviour that police received in November 2021.

Crime stats for Hereford City Northside area in November 2022:

Anti-social behaviour2512.5%
Bicycle theft10.5%
Criminal damage and arson126%
Other theft178.5%
Possession of weapons10.5%
Public order199.5%
Theft from the person21%
Vehicle crime52.5%
Violence and sexual offences9447%
Other crime31.5%

Number of crimes reported to West Mercia Police in the Hereford City Northside area in 2022:

Jan 20222148.3%
Feb 20221947.5%
Mar 20222248.7%
Apr 20222359.1%
May 20222379.2%
Jun 20222459.5%
Jul 20222258.7%
Aug 20221877.2%
Sep 20221957.5%
Oct 20222218.5%
Nov 20222007.7%

You can view more details, including specific detail about crime levels on streets in the area and the boundary that Hereford City Northside covers by visiting – Hereford City Northside | (