New Model Institute for Technology and Engineering (NMITE) is surrounded by a passionate team committed to the future success of their pioneering ‘learning without lectures’ model. To the extent that half of the team has signed up to the Payroll Giving Scheme (launched March 2020) to invest a percentage of their salaries back into NMITE to develop the world-class educational environment for future learners.

Professor Elena Rodriguez-Falcon, President and Chief Executive at NMITE commented: “If we ever needed reassurance we have recruited the best team to deliver on our goal to make NMITE world-class, then this is it. These amazing gestures shows the team’s belief in the work we are doing here. Fifty percent participation in a Payroll Giving Scheme in a Higher Education Institute to my knowledge is unprecedented, and I could not be prouder of my team and positive of the work we are all doing here.

“The Payroll Giving Scheme also reflects the solid foundations for a strong and enduring culture of philanthropy that NMITE is keen to build through our team and future learners.”

NMITE’s Payroll Giving Scheme is a tax efficient way of donating to a charity through payroll and recognises organisations with a 20% participation rate.