From Beryl:

Keep Hereford Moving!

As lockdown eases, we’ve teamed up with Herefordshire Council to celebrate our first birthday in Hereford and to make it as easy as possible to travel by bike in the city. For the rest of the summer, all Beryl Bike trips up to 30 minutes ending in a Beryl Bay will be completely free of charge!


The free riding period will run from Wednesday 29th July until Monday 31st August inclusive.

How do I access the free rides?

All users in Hereford will automatically be able to access the free rides. If you don’t have an account yet, download the Beryl app here and follow the simple steps to sign up. You’ll need to add your card details to hire a bike, but you won’t be charged for rides up to 30 minutes ending in a Beryl Bay.

Are all rides free during the month?

All rides up to thirty minutes ending in a Beryl Bay will be free of charge during the Free Month. Charges for locking the bike out of bay or outside the Beryl operating zone will apply.

Please note: From 29th July, the out of bay parking charge will increase to £5.

Can I ride for longer than 30 minutes?

Only the first 30 minutes of a ride are free. If your ride is longer than 30 minutes, you’ll be charged our standard rate for the remainder of your ride (5p per minute). You can take as many 30 minute rides as you like.

What happens to my Minute Bundle during the promotion period?

If you already have a minute bundle, the minutes will remain in your account and will be there waiting for you to use once the free riding period is over!

Do I need to have a payment card associated to my account?

You must have a valid payment card registered on your account in order to unlock a bike, even during a Free Ride promotion. Our system will run a pre-authorisation check on your card when you attempt to unlock a bike and you must have at least £1 available on the card in order to pass this check. This is to ensure you have funds available for any out of bay or out of zone fees you incur.

How much will I pay for out of bay and out of zone fees?

Unless you are pausing your ride, you will pay an extra charge if you lock your bike outside a Beryl Bay or outside the Beryl zone. The charges for this are:

Hereford Out of Bay fee: £5 from 29th July

Hereford out of zone fee: £5 from 29th July (no change)