Herefordshire Council have shared plans detailing where a potential Eastern River Crossing over the River Wye on the outskirts of Hereford could be located.

In documents shared by the council, there are details shared which show the potential route that the Eastern Link Corridor could take from Rotherwas, to join the A438 (Ledbury Road) to the east of the city. 

The Eastern River Crossing and Link Road (ERiC), formerly known as the Eastern Access Road, was identified in the Hereford Transport Strategy Review (HTSR) as essential to provide an alternative route for vehicular traffic to address the resilience issues around the A49 in the city centre. 

By providing an alternative route for traffic into and around the city, ERiC is considered vital to bring about the reductions in traffic levels and severance along key roads in the city that will enable achievement of the wider objectives of the Hereford City Masterplan (HCMP).

A broad route, connecting the B4399 (south) and the A438 (north) was identified in the HTSR as the preferred option, taking environmental, social and economic considerations into account. An indicative location for a new link road is shown on the plan below for illustrative purposes only; further detailed assessment and design will be required before a preferred alignment can be identified.

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