Jack Cooper has recently taken on a role as a personal trainer at PureGym in Hereford. Jack is partially sighted and suffers from Optic Nerve Atrophy. He has had the condition since birth.

Jack told Matt from Your Herefordshire:

“Long distances I can’t see and when you came in to see me this morning I could make out shapes, but I can’t see you in detail. I’ve always enjoyed sport and fitness, so thought this would be a great career for me.”

Jack was born in Redditch and has been well travelled: “I’ve lived in Thailand, York, Wakefield, Leeds and came to Hereford in 2017 to study at the Royal National College for the Blind. There I met my girlfriend and have settled in Hereford to live and work.”

PureGym have given Jack plenty of support and encouragement.

“They have a company ethos that everyone is welcome, no matter what their disability is, they really push equality in staff, I have been working here since November and it’s brilliant.”

Jack doesn’t let his disability stop him. “I want to try and inspire people, you shouldn’t let a disability stop you achieving what you want” added Jack.

From PureGym:

PureGym Hereford offers members a range of the very best gym kit, dozens of weekly gym classes and a top fitness team – and all in one convenient location. Our Local gyms are designed to fit into smaller spaces which means we can bring affordable fitness into local communities across the country. We understand that every community is different and therefore we design our gyms with top quality kit that suit the local area and member needs.

You’ll find us on the Spur Retail Park off the Holmer Road (A49) just to the north of the town centre. The gym is next door to Halfords and you can park for free* in the on-site car park.

We want to keep PureGym a safe environment for everyone to work out. If you plan to train at night or during un-staffed hours (check your gym’s hours here), please read our unstaffed hours document here to ensure your safety when at the gym.