Herefordshire households will soon have up to four wheelie bins as Herefordshire Council pushes to improve the amount of waste that is recycled. The council is aiming to provide extra wheelie bins to properties by late 2023.

On 25 November 2021 Herefordshire Council’s Cabinet approved the adoption of the three weekly residual collections with twin stream recycling service, as detailed below, as the new waste collection model to support residents to increase recycling.

Container Type | Material Type | Collection Frequency:

Green 240 Litre wheeled bin – Plastic (pots, tubs, trays & bottles) Glass (bottles and jars), Metals (tins & cans). Once every three weeks.

Black with blue lid 240 Litre wheeled bin – All paper & cardboard. Once every three weeks.

Black 180 Litre wheeled bin – General non-recyclable waste. Once every three weeks

Brown 240 Litre wheeled bin – Garden waste. Fortnightly collection. Potential charge for opt in service

23 Litre caddy (including liners) – Food Waste. Weekly collection.

Back in November 2021, when Herefordshire Council confirmed the plans for a new waste collection scheme, the council released the following statement.

The following statement is from Herefordshire Council

Residents and business owners across Herefordshire will be provided with new rubbish and recycling collection arrangements from late 2023. The news follows a decision made by our cabinet members on (Thursday 25 November 2021).

The changes include a new weekly food waste collection service and a fortnightly, seasonal garden waste collection service. Currently, 40 per cent of the contents of residual waste (black bins) could be recycled. We areĀ planning to meet stringent environmental targets identified in ourĀ waste strategy and we areĀ introducing the service after residents told us in a consultation on collection options that more needsĀ to be done to help increase recycling.

New rubbish and recycling collections being introduced from late 2023

The enhanced service, providing much more recycling capacity, comprises the following collection ā€œstreamsā€, which will improve both the quantity and quality of recycling:

  • New bin. Paper and cardboard will be collected separately in new 240-litre wheelie bins
  • Existing green bin. Metals (tins and cans), most plastics (pots, tubs, trays and bottles) and glass
  • Existing black bin. Anything that cannot be recycled or put into food waste
  • Food waste. We will provide all households with a new, 23-litre food caddy and liners 
  • Garden waste bin. Residents can opt for a seasonal garden waste collection

How the new collection scheme will work

Text from the image. Waste collections, week 1 paper and card market - new paper products, week 2 plastics cans and glass plastics etc - new products, week 3 general waste general creates electricity, weekly general food weekly (anaerobic digestion) fortnightly seasonal gardening fortnightly (composting)].

The council’s enhanced service will improve the quantity and quality of recycling

We will work with managing agents, residents associations and people who live in flats to ensure they have a service that reflects their needs and provides maximum opportunities for them to recycle. 

As is currently the case, larger families, families using disposable nappies and those with medical needs will still receive additional capacity. These are considered on a case by case basis.

The cabinet also agreed changes to our waste disposal contract that will see a 95 per cent reduction in waste being sent to landfill to just one per cent from April 2022.

News of the new waste arrangements was welcomed by Cllr Gemma Davies:

ā€œWe have listened to our residents who told us they wanted more opportunities to recycle. Our new system provides more capacity to recycle from 2024. We know that for people living in flats or for larger families this will not be easy. We also will be looking for ways to help people in those circumstances and will say more about that in the future.

ā€œThis is just one part of our ambitious plans for helping people to reuse more, recycle more and waste less. I am also very pleased to have secured savings on our waste disposal contract and greater protection for when recyclers want to send materials outside of Europe. I am delighted that we will be achieving a 95 per cent reduction in waste going to landfill from next April to just one per cent.ā€