Latest data released by NHS England has shown that an increasing number of patients at hospitals in Herefordshire (Wye Valley NHS Trust) are testing positive for COVID-19.

Data for the 26th April shows that a total of 64 patients had tested positive for COVID-19 at hospital in Herefordshire. This is a rise from the previous week when a total of 41 patients had tested positive for COVID-19.

It should be noted that despite high levels of infection at hospitals in Herefordshire, on the 26th April, no patients were recorded as requiring mechanical ventilation for Coronavirus in the county.

Data from Public Health England shows that overall in Herefordshire, COVID-19 cases remain relatively low at present. In the seven day period ending 28th April, a total of 256 new cases of COVID-19 were recorded in Herefordshire, meaning that the COVID-19 infection rate in the county for this period was 132.2 cases per 100,000 population. Cases have fallen by 51.2% in comparison to the previous week.

Testing has considerably fallen since free lateral flow testing came to an end for the majority of people, with just 1,706 tests completed in the seven day period ending 27th April in Herefordshire.

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