Hundreds of properties are without power this evening in Herefordshire, with National Grid confirming a power outage in the HR4 area of the county.

The following postcodes are affected and National Grid have told Your Herefordshire that they expect to restore power by 8pm.

HR4 8AP, HR4 8AQ, HR4 8AR, HR4 8AS, HR4 8AT, HR4 8AU, HR4 8AW, HR4 8AX, HR4 8AY, HR4 8AZ, HR4 8BF, HR4 8BP, HR4 8BW, HR4 8DT, HR4 8EG, HR4 8NN, HR4 8NP, HR4 8NR, HR4 8NS, HR4 8NW, HR4 8TA

National Grid has also confirmed that this is a High Voltage incident with 260 properties affected. 

High Voltage Incident Definition:

“These incidents tend to be larger, affecting the wider area and could mean your neighbours are off supply too.”

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