Community and Environmental Protection Officers at Malvern Hills District Council are calling out for information after fly-tippers blocked a road in Leigh Sinton with rubbish.

Dragons Lane is a narrow road in the village and has been the target of fly-tips multiple times over the past few years.

The most recent occurrence which was cleared on 10 January included items such as cardboard boxes, tarpaulin, and commercial waste.

Officers are currently investigating and have found information on a piece of packaging linking an individual to another fly-tip. 

This person has been asked to attend an interview; however, officers are appealing to the public for any further information. This information could include when the tip arrived, vehicles or any other activity that raised concern.

Fly-tipping is an offence and could lead to a fine or even imprisonment. Residents are encouraged to report fly-tips to the council website and to always follow the S.C.R.A.P Code when disposing of their rubbish. 

The code stands for: Suspect all waste carries until they provide their licence, Check their licence details on the public register for waste carriers, Refuse unexpected offer to take your waste away, Ask how the rubbish will be disposed of and ask for Paperwork including an invoice or receipt which includes their contact details.

Cllr Sarah Rouse, Ward Member for Leigh Sinton, said: “It is appalling to see Dragons Lane the target of fly-tipping yet again. It is unacceptable to dump rubbish in our village and to blight our wonderful landscape. Thank you to the council’s Environmental Protection Team for their prompt reaction and hard work in cleaning up the area and investigating the culprits and thank you to the residents who alerted the team. I would encourage everyone to follow the S.C.R.A.P Code and to report fly-tippers to the council website. Keeping vigilant and reporting these crimes can help catch the perpetrators”.